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Drum Pump Tubes and 50 Years of Experience since. This brilliant design, from the top bearing housing to the discharge-T and pump tube will assure you the highest chemical resistance and minimal wear – extended service life. High Quality – For You. Our metal proprietary bearing housing enhances the heat dissipation of the bearing friction. Due to the exceptionally corrosion-resistant coating ensure extended life. Due to wall thickness, as a result, the outer tube is extremely rigid. So the drive shaft for PVDF and PP are in Hast. C with another stainless as an option. Maintenance made simple. Money and downtime reduced! While the lower bearing housing with mech seal (MS) or the sealless (SL) hence are easily replaced if repair or conversions are needed. Furthermore that goes for changing the rotor or impeller too. The robust snap on/off pump foot is even easier to replace.

  • Polypropylene Pump Tube
  • PVDF Pump Tube
  • Aluminum Pump Tube
  • Stainless Steel Pump Tube
  • Hastelloy C Pump Tube
  • Pump Tube RE 88 in PP and Stainless Steel
  • MP Pump Tube in PP and Stainless Steel
  • Progressive Cavity Pump B70V-SR

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