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0030-001 Lutz Drum Pump Motor


0030-001 Lutz Drum Pump Motor B36 SC MI4E 220V Lutz Pumps

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0030-001 Lutz Drum Pump Motor

0030-001 Lutz Drum Pump Motor B36 SC MI4E 220V Lutz Pumps

About Lutz Drum Pumps

There is a vast array of fluid type containers that require the use of a drum pump depending on dimensions because of requirements.  Furthermore, due to this need, we carry a variety of different motors materials while to also accommodate the different requirements for voltages in addition to the necessary delivery rate needed for any particular application.

Lutz Drum Pump Motors

There are a handful of varieties of motors manufactured by Lutz including:

  • B28 – Universal Motor: 800 Watt with 1.07 HP, 120 Volt, 60 Hz. Open Drip Proof Enclosure in addition a 16′ Cord / Plug.
  • B36 / MI4 or B36-SC / MI4E (Speed Control) – Universal Motor: 640 Watt, 0.85 HP, 120 Volt (230 Volt Available). 60 Hz, Open Drip Proof Enclosure in addition 16′ Cord / Plug.
  • B55-T-5 /MA II 5 B55-T-7 /MA II 7 – Universal Motor:  510 Watt / 700 Watt, 0.68 HP / 0.93 HP, 120 Volt (230 Available). Also 60 Hz TEFC Enclosure in addition with a 16′ Cord and Plug.
  • MD-1 (Ex) / MD-2 (Ex) – Compressed Air Motor: 400 Watt,  0.54 HP. Operating Pressure at 87 PSI and Air Consumption 32 CFM.
  • 4Gt (Non-Ex) – Compressed Air Motor: 220 Watt, 0.3 HP, Operating Pressure also at 87 PSI, Air Consumption at 14 CFM.
  • Silver Star MEI 6 (Ex) – Universal Motor: 0.5 HP, 120 Volt, 60 Hz. Explosion Proof Class I Groups C + D Class II Groups F + G, Variable Speed Control also in addition also with a 16′ Cord.
  • MAII 3-12 V – Universal Motor: 260 Watt, 0.35 HP, 12 Volt DC, TEFC Enclosure with 10′ Cord and Alligator Clamps.
  • B4 / GT Continuous Duty – Three Phase Gear Motor: 750 Watt, 1 HP, 230/440 Volt, 60 Hz and TEFC Enclosure.

Lutz Pump Categories

In conclusion, to make it easier to browse all of the especially relevant items offered by Lutz, as a result we also have categories available so for quick browsing most of all: Lutz Drum Pump Motors | Lutz Drum Pump Sets | Drum Pump Tubes | Drum Pump Flow Meters | Drum Pump Parts & Accessories

0030-001 Lutz Drum Pump Motor

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